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* This product is written on it casting (Made in Poland) and we are the only distributor in the arabic republic of egypt.

Company Profile, Certificates and Products
  • Thanks to the experience in over 20 years of water meters manufacturing, the Budai family decided to found the B METERS srl Company in 1991.
  • Nowadays B Meters is producing their water meters in 3 factories, owned by the family, with a very hight automation degree.
  • The overall covered area is 9000 and the open area is more than 10000
  • The current yearly production is exceeding 1 million pieces, placing the Company among the most important producers either in Italy and Europe.
  • A very efficient sales network is allowing B.METERS to be a market leader either in Italy and in Europe: the domestic market is mainly for water-works, industries and the private sector, while an International net of subsidiaries is proving an efficient sales promotion and after sales service throughout Europe.
  • Our range of products is comprehensive of velocity meters, single jet and multi jet, both mechanically or magnetically driven, Woltmann meters, Irrigation meters, flow and heat meters.
  • Our models are well characterized having a different look from the ones from our european and overseas competitors.
  • Every request from the clients can be satisfied by us, from the planning and designing to the final production of a meter.
  • Quality is the main target for our Company and that’s the why we are quality certified ISO 9001-2000: the IQNET and CISQ international certifications have being achieved.
  • First class raw materials are selected and constantly controlled so as to guarantee the highest quality standards to our products.

.:: Oval wedge gate valves (Fig 01) ::.
woltmann water meter.
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.:: Oval wedge gate valves (Fig 01) ::.
woltmann water meter.
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multi jet - wet dial.
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.:: Sweage plate gate valves ( Fig 0237) ::.
multi jet - super dry.
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